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Voters call for end to corporate personhood, money as speech in Ohio

Voters call for end to corporate personhood, money as speech in Ohio

Published: November 21, 2012

Voters in two northeast Ohio communities passed ballot measures on Nov. 6, 2012, calling on Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment abolishing constitutional rights for corporations and to end the constitutional doctrine that money is equivalent to free speech. AFSC’s Northeast Ohio program was active in inspiring and consulting with individuals in both communities and directly involved in organizing the citizen initiative in one.

These measures, part of a growing national movement organized by the national Move to Amend coalition, are the first such measures to be passed in Ohio. Move to Amend, of which AFSC is a founding member, was launched following the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission Supreme Court decision in 2010.

Dozens of communities across the nation have passed similar ballot measures, while hundreds of others have passed council resolutions. AFSC earlier in the year helped organize the passage of city council resolutions in two other cities—Cleveland Heights and Barberton.

The Northeast Ohio office coordinates the Ohio affiliate of Move to Amend. More than a dozen other communities in Ohio are planning citizen initiatives or resolutions campaigns in 2013, many of which AFSC is directly involved in facilitating.