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Voices from Dadaab: Khadija

Voices from Dadaab: Khadija

Published: June 6, 2012

Khadija Muhumed is 75 years old, from Somalia and arrived in Dadaab camp with her 5 children 10 months ago. In 2011 Khadija's husband was killed when he refused the recruitment of their son into a militia group. A few days later, the same militia stole all her livestock.

Khadija is a recipient of AFSC's cash relief project in Dadaab refugee camp. She recently received Ksh 8500 (approximately $100) from the project. Khadija said she used her money to buy milk, meat, sugar, firewood and the dress and hijab she is wearing. During my recent camp visit Khadija looked at me and said; “I have never held any money of my own since I came to Dadaab, my face has always remained dry due to lack of oil and my children have not eaten meat ever since we came. May Allah bless the people who have remembered us.”

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