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In videos and photos: Moments with Michael

In videos and photos: Moments with Michael

Published: April 26, 2013

A passionate and creative leader, Michael McConnell was co-creator of "Eyes Wide Open: A Memorial to the Human Cost of the Iraq War," which consists of one pair of combat boots for each U.S. soldier and marine killed in the war. An ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, he coordinated the Chicago Religious Task Force on Central America, the organization that coordinated many aspects of the U.S.-based Sanctuary Movement from 1982-88.

These videos and photos are powerful reminders of Michael's prophetic voice and creative genius.

“The Power of One”

At an October 2012 reception for Windows and Mirrors in Des Moines, Michael shared these thoughts about the power of each individual to create peace and justice:

“The Midwest is Best”

Working closely with other regional leaders, Michael played a key role in creating AFSC's new Midwest Region out of the former Great Lakes and Central regions.

He wasn’t shy, either, about sharing his enthusiasm for the strong peace and justice work within the Midwest. Ever the poet, Michael wrote these words—read by Hector Salamanca, AFSC Iowa intern and DREAMer, and set to images from Michael’s time at AFSC:

In his own words

In 2007, Michael talked about his own life in this interview with filmmaker David Goodman: