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!Sostenga! Annual Garlic Festival

!Sostenga! Annual Garlic Festival

Published: July 15, 2013

AFSC-NM farm trainees grew 700 lbs of garlic and found help with harvesting the field by making it a fun contest with prizes for whoever harvested the most pounds during the Garlic Fest, a smart way to reduce labor costs while engaging the community and youth.  The blue corn grown at the AFSC farm sites was used to make delicious pancakes with eggs from a farmer in the new co-op, supported by AFSC-NM. Community members played beautiful music and entered a contest for the best garlic dish (including garlic iced tea!). The event is covered in the Espanola newspaper,”Rio Grande Sun".  The article acknowledges AFSC and quotes Don Bustos, the New Mexico AFSC Director.(


Pal youth

Please consider giving a special gift of $100 by June 30th, in recognition of AFSC’s nearly 100 years of building peace!