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Somalia Peace Program - Capacity Building

Somalia Peace Program - Capacity Building

Published: March 29, 2010
Participants after the workshop

Capacity building  for  civil  society organizations

In our attempt to build strong partnership with local organizations working along the Kenya and Somalia border and in South and Central Somalia, a capacity building training for eight (8) organizations on project/ financial management and leadership/ good governance was held.

The workshop was attended by 20 participants.

The workshop emphasized the need for good project planning which includes needs assessment, selecting priority areas for program interventions, developing a clear implementation plan with clear indicators and a budget. All projects to be successful must inbuilt monitoring and evaluation framework.  It was emphasized that reports should be short stating what was planned, achieved, not achieved as well as recommendations for future changes. The workshop also looked at issues of leadership, governance and stewardship. It was emphasized that all those holding positions of leadership should be people with integrity and should always endeavor to safeguard the resources, mission and vision of the organization.

On financial management training emphasized the need to institute good discipline in managing budget and expenditures in the organization.  This include having  proper control systems in the organization, good documentation and record keeping as well as  separation of duties among people charged with overseeing the finances of the organization. At the end of the training every organization was asked to present a work plan on what they will do to improve their internal governance systems and project management.