AFSC held an 8-day exchange between 47 Somali and Kenya youth to promote constructive dialogue.  Participants learned from each other’s experiences of youth employment, sports as a tool for development, and the promotion of human rights. The program was included partnerships with a Somaliland youth organization and a Kenyan youth program. 

After visits to both Nairobi and North Eastern Kenya the youth left with a greater awareness and understanding of the dilemmas facing youth today and a drive to promote sharing and change in their communities.

Youth in my region don’t have a voice so they sometimes have nowhere to take their ideas. I liked attending the workshop and sharing my ideas, and experiences with other youth. I was impressed that the Kenyan youth are well networked even where they have no help from the government. I really enjoyed the visit to Garissa [Northeastern Kenya]!

 - Somali youth participant

Look for at the full article about the project in AFSC’s Quaker Action edition this summer.