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Social Security Not a Cause of Fed. Deficit

Social Security Not a Cause of Fed. Deficit

Published: March 23, 2011
Nancy Altman speaks in Concord

Social Security expert Nancy Altman spoke to a full house at the Red River Theatre in Concord NH, March 21.

Photo: AFSC / arnie

Including Social Security in the federal deficit discussion is purely political, Nancy Altman told a theatre-full of people in Concord March 21, at an event organized by the Association of Retired Americans with support from the AFSC, Nashua Teachers Union, AFT-NH Retirees, EngAGING NH, Granite State Organizing Project, NH AFL-CIO, NASW-NH, NH Council on Disabilities, Working Families Win, NH Citizens Alliance, and SEA/SEIU 1984.  According to Altman, there is no financial basis for talking about it in connection with the deficit.

Attenders received post cards to mail to Sen. Ayotte and Sen. Shaheen, calling for support of the Reid-Sanders " amendment which would put Senators on record as voting for separating Social Security from the deficit debate.

"Remember: FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Act," says the ARA's Terry Lochhead.  "Your FICA deductions from your paycheck show you've already paid for this old age annuity/disability insurance/life insurance. Now the SS benefits are due and no decision on them should be made behind closed doors!"

You can click here to read the Concord Monitor's story about this event.

If you were not able to get to Nancy Altman's speech two weeks ago on Social Security, here it is on Channel 13 in Nashua, sponsored by the NH Alliance For Retired Americans and our affiliate, Nashua Teacher's Union. Thank you Bob Sherman!.