With funding from AFSC, 4,600 square meters of plastic sheeting for tents will make its way to Haiti.  The sheeting will provide emergency shelter for at least 1,300 homeless families.

The sheeting will be purchased in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and will give temporary housing to those in the feeding programs implemented by Swiss Interchurch Aid, and funded in part by AFSC.  The feeding programs are located in the neighborhoods of Nerette, Morne Hercules, Hauts of  Delmas.

After the January 12 earthquake, international nongovernmental organizations and the Haitian government have established seven organized settlements.  Those house 42,000 people homeless after the earthquake.   At the same time, an estimated 460,000 people remain in 315 spontaneous, makeshift settlements throughout Port-au-Prince, according to the International Organization on Migration. Those living in the informal shelters face an urgent need for plastic sheeting and ropes before the rainy season starts, typically in March or April.

Working with local coordinating committees of the homeless shelters and international partners, AFSC has donated $18,000 worth of tent supplies and assessing further opportunities for long-term recovery work.