The Iraq War anniversary event was called, Seven Years of War in Iraq: Peace Vigil, Rally, Theater and More and took place Saturday, March 20 from 3:00 to 5:15pm. A vigil, readers theater, puppet play and dance/poetry performances were staged.  

The “Remembering the Iraq War” puppet play was created by AFSC staff. (Video link: The play reviews pre- and post-military action Iraq war events through the characters of the “Seer of History” and the “Puppet Master,” who speaks through multiple characters. It presents a brief, yet accurate, analysis of the war and its consequences, at the same time provides opportunities to laugh along the way. Thirteen volunteers were recruited to perform the play the play. Two students from the KC Art Institute created the giant puppet.

The “Through Their Mother's Eyes” and “The Human Cost of War” readers’ theater scripts, created by the AFSC Pittsburg office and based on listening projects done with veterans and their families and Iraqi mothers and mothers’ of vets, were performed both on KKFI community radio on Thursday, March 18 and the 7th anniversary event.  Eleven volunteers were recruited to perform the two readers’ theater scripts.

The activities were very well received though a freak snow storm dropped 8+ inches of snow and reduced turnout to approximately 60 people. Articles included a blog in the weekly paper ,The Pitch, ( and a piece on the local NBC TV website ( )