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Remembrance Events for 9/11

Remembrance Events for 9/11

Published: September 13, 2011

Last week AFSC participated in many events across the country to mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Over the next month we are continuing to participate in events marking the 10th anniversaries of 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan.

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Chicago, IL

ribbon pinningOn Sept. 11 in Chicago a series of speakers and performers talked about the need to move into a new era of peace.  Performers recited the words of King, Ghandhi, Jane Addams and Eugene Debs among others, as well as original spoken word and music.  The speakers included AFSC's Mary Zerkel, Gerald Hendricksen from CAIR and Maureen Murphy a peace activist. The Common Thread Project was part of the whole experience where people from all over the country wrote messages of hope and peace on ribbons.


Greensboro, NC

HawaOn Sept. 6, roughly 75 people from the Greensboro community gathered in an intimate restaurant to view Hawo’s Dinner Party. This 30-minute adaptation of documentary Welcome to Shelbyville revolves around religious and cultural tensions in a small town in Tennessee, and the beginnings of change brought on by personal interactions shared over a meal.

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Indianapolis, IN

participants at the art collaborationAFSC partnered with several other organizations to host a Sept. 11 Interfaith Prayer and Service Project in Indianapolis.  Over 300 people from the community representing the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Sikh faith traditions were in attendance and a prayer from each was given. The theme of the service was "Enormity and Abundance"- the enormity of the 9/11 tragedy and the abundance of humanity and selflessness we witnessed in its aftermath, the enormity of the problem of hunger in contrast to our abundance of food, resources and generosity, and the enormity of ignorance and intolerance countered by the abundance of people from different traditions or no faith tradition willing to work together to make a difference and live in peace.

In this spirit, participants were invited to take part in a service project at Gleaners packing backpacks of food for hungry Hoosier children.

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Kansas City, MO

kc 9-11 panelThe "Ten Years After 9-11: Walking the Path to Peace and Security" interfaith art exhibit, created by the AFSC's Kansas City office in collaboration with the Kansas City interfaith Council, was displayed at the Community of Christ Temple in Independence, MO on Sept. 11. Fourteen faith groups illustrated 4’ by 6’ panels reflecting their faith tradition’s wisdom and vision of the path forward to peace and security in this post-9/11 world. AFSC undertook the project to focus attention on what our faith traditions have to say about pursuing peace and security, even in challenging times of suffering, sorrow and threat. Over 100 community members viewed the exhibit and attended a reception and program, hearing eight faith leaders share their faith tradition’s vision of the path to peace.

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Los Angeles, CA

LA art exhibitBefore the 9/11 weekend over 20 high school students from CALS Early College High School in downtown Los Angeles hosted an exhibit of their art and raised awareness of the cost of war . Over 500 visitors viewed the exhibit on Thursday during Downtown ArtWalk Night. Students used the evening as a special occasion to raise money for much needed art supplies for next year’s Peace Exhibit at AFSC’s Friends Gallery.  $60 was raised, and the students were proud of it!

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San Francisco, CA

san fran 9-11 march for peaceAFSC and other organizations marked the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks by marching across the Golden Gate Bridge and calling for troops to leave Iraq and Afghanistan.
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