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Remembering Roger Rumpf

Remembering Roger Rumpf

Published: May 17, 2013
Jacqui and Roger standing in door way

Jacqui (right) and Roger started the ‘Shovels for Laos’ campaign in the 1980’s to raise awareness about bombies.

Photo: AFSC


Those of us who knew Roger over his decades of work as a peace activist remember how gentle and patient he was -- always ready to share his knowledge in his humorous and low-key way. These qualities served him well during the years when, as the Washington Post describes, he was "sort of an unofficial U.S. ambassador in Laos."  

After the end of the Vietnam War, Roger and life partner Jacqui Chagnon made the Laos their second home. As AFSC co-field directors for Indochina work from 1978-1981 and again from 1986-1990, they educated Americans about the devastation of U.S. cluster munitions – small "bombis" that litter the countryside in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and continue to kill and maim hundreds of people a year. Roger became a tireless campaigner in the efforts to ban cluster munitions, and a prominent advocate for Laotian issues in Washington, D.C. Roger died on April 9, 2013 at his home in Warrensburg, Mo. He will be sorely missed.