Ohio groups host Columbus screening of award-winning INEQUALITY FOR ALL

Documentary on income inequality, shrinking middle class and how this has affected America’s economy and democracy comes to Riffe Building

[Columbus, Ohio] – On Feb. 12, 2014 from 4 pm – 6:30 pm, Policy Matters Ohio, Common Cause Ohio, Progress Ohio, American Friends Service Committee and Ohio AFL-CIO are hosting a screening of this award-winning documentary about income inequality in our nation and the way it has shaped our economy and democracy.  

 The event will be held in the Vern Riffe Building  located at 77 South High Street, 31st Floor in Columbus, and will be followed by a panel discussion, afterwards.   

 The movie features former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who lays out why economic inequality is requires urgent action. Income imbalances are approaching historically unprecedented levels. The years of widest economic inequality of the last century were 1928 and 2007, the two years just before the greatest economic crashes of modern times. What is the link between high inequality and economic crashes? What happened to the middle class? This Sundance award-winning film answers those questions and more.

 "The growing inequality documented in this film is not only harmful to our economy but lethal to what remains of our democracy,” said Greg Coleridge of American Friends Service Committee. “Fewer people gaining greater wealth translates into more massive political contributions, which drowns out the political voices of the majority of people."

 As Americans, we’ve been taught that there is a basic bargain at the heart of our society: work hard, play by the rules and you can make a better life for yourself. But over the last 35 years, this bargain has been broken. Middle-class incomes have stagnated or dropped over the same period during which the American economy has more than doubled in size. Where did all that money go? The facts are clear – it went to the top. In 1970 the top 1 percent of earners took home 9 percent of the nation’s income. Today they take in approximately 23 percent. That 1 percent holds more than a third of the nation’s overall wealth, while the bottom half controls a meager 2.5 percent. The last time wealth was this concentrated was on the eve of the Great Depression.

 “Now is the time for Ohio’s policy and advocacy community to have this discussion,”  said Kalitha Williams of Policy Matters Ohio. “The widening income gap urgently requires that we all get involved and take new action.”

 The issues addressed in this film are arguably the most pressing of our times. The film alternates between intimate, approachable sequences and intellectually rigorous arguments that can help people with no economic background or education better understand the issues at stake. Viewers who start with little or no understanding of what it means for the U.S. to be economically imbalanced will walk away with a comprehensive and significantly deeper sense of the issue and what can be done to correct this imbalance.

Sam Gresham from Common Cause Ohio will moderate a discussion following the film. He encourages as many people to attend as possible and hightlights, “This is America's greatest unfinished business. That 800 pound gorilla in the room that nobody wants to talk about, that hovers over everything that is America.”

This event is free, please RSVP by emailing i4aOhio@gmail.com

For more information about Inequality For All and to view the trailer, please visit InequalityForAll.com


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