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NATO Counter Summit Oped

NATO Counter Summit Oped

Published: May 10, 2012
Joseph Gerson at the podium with microphone

Joseph Gerson, AFSC Peace & Economic Security Program

Photo: AFSC / Terry Foss

Peace and justice activists from around the globe are gathering to counter NATO-driven militarism for the Network for a NATO-Free Future’s Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice, May 18-19.

While NATO leaders plot continuing military operations in Afghanistan through 2024, activists will focus on ending the Afghan war;  moving U.S. tax dollars from the Pentagon to meet human needs at home, and retiring NATO.

The AFSC’s Joseph Gerson explains the alternatives to war and the continuing economic crises in this article on HuffingtonPost.


Don't Believe the NATO Hype: Alternatives Exist to War, Economic Crises [HuffingtonPost]