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More opportunities for undocumented students in Chicago

More opportunities for undocumented students in Chicago

Published: March 18, 2013

Jesus (right), pictured here with Darlene, created a list of scholarships in Illinois that don’t require a Social Security number, which means that undocumented students can apply. He’s considering a law career, but for now he’s getting a wealth of experience in understanding individuals’ interactions with the legal system.

Photo: AFSC

AFSC's Youth Peace Building and Justice Program are assisting undocumentd students in four Chicago Public Schools as they fill out their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals forms. Many students and families of immigrant youth have been uncertain of the risks and the costs connected to applying for DACA status.

To date, the program has assisted over 50 youth and family members with applications and trained five college interns to assist at the school. The medical program coordinator at one high school expressed her appreciation in the following e-mail:


On behalf of the Sullivan High School and Health Science program we want to say thank you for assisting our undocumented students in obtaining their social security numbers.

One young person was so happy to let us know that he would soon be getting his social security number; we will now be able to offer him job shadows and internship opportunities. Another student is now able to do an internship in his senior year at Lurie Children's Hospital.

You and American Friends Service Committee have given these two students many more opportunities to further their education and obtain employment.

Thank you so much.

Ana R. Llorens
CTE Academy Coordinator