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Mohamed's Story - Promoting Peace in Somalia

Mohamed's Story - Promoting Peace in Somalia

Published: December 8, 2011

Mohamed with other participants in the workshop on community mobilization skills towards peace.

Photo by: AFSC partner

Photo: AFSC


Youth in Galkayo are the most affected in the situation of war, anarchy and poverty which made us vulnerable to manipulation to engage in armed conflict with cash inducements and promises of a better future...

I want to thank American Friends who are dedicated to support the community peace project in this region. I was among the lucky youth who participated in training on community mobilization skills towards peace, I came to realize that as youth we should play a critical role in bringing change that will ensure a peaceful and prosperous society and we are also able to identify some of the creative ways through which youth can be mobilized and catalyzed to renew their commitment towards the promotion of peace. After the training we form[ed] groups from both side[s] of Galkayo to spread peace among our society and we as the youth make the decisions that affect us and we were able to solve [what] ever conflict arises because youth who have been used in the conflict are the ones who are advocating for peace. [This] made conflict resolution easier than when youth were part of the conflict. My message to the people wherever they are: there is no way to peace - peace is the way. So let us join together in maintaining and sustaining peaceful coexistence in this region of Galkayo if we intend to brighten our future for the sake of development in this corridor.

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