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Military-Free Education - Day of Action

Military-Free Education - Day of Action

Published: June 25, 2013
Military-free education - Action day in Tel Aviv

Military-free education - Action day in Tel Aviv 

Photo: AFSC / AFSC

On June 14th 2013 the first International day of action For Military-Free Education and Research was organized by War Resisters International. Activists in India, Nigeria, Germany, South Africa, UK, Spain, Chile, Congo, Sweden the USA and Israel, called for the separation of military education .

In Israel, anti-militarization activists, from New profile, the Women’s Coalition for Peace and the American Friends Service Committee, gathered to organize a street theater action that visualized the presence of the military in education. The “recruited classroom” that was presented included an exhibition of photographs and images that show the presence of the military, its symbols and its values, in the educational system: drawings of tanks and fighter planes in kindergarten worksheets, pictures of children with military berets saluting to their teacher-soldier[1],  canons in a playing ground, and many more.

To the military march beat of classical Israeli children’s songs, the recruited classroom included sports class, learning about the holidays, and social science class, that all brought to an absorbed the military indoctrination that exists in all ages and aspects of the Israeli educational system.

The activists handed out leaflets and started conversations with people passing by, including high-school students just leaving the adjacent school, some of which joined the activists in leafleting and calling for a military-free school.

In addition to the action in Tel Aviv, New Profile also collected articles and images, some produced for the action day, and some whose authors agreed to contribute to the collection, that are now available in a designated webpage on their website (Hebrew only).

 [1] Some soldiers in the Israeli army do their service as teachers in underprivileged communities. 

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