NEWS RELEASE - April 8, 2014

Contacts: Harriet Applegate, 216-881-7200, Greg Coleridge, 216-255-2184

[Cleveland, OH] The No Cuts Coalition, a Cleveland-area labor and community coalition, will sponsor a "March for Justice" this Saturday, April 12 on extending federal unemployment benefits, as well as for raising the minimum wage and restoring cuts to food stamps in Ohio.

A brief rally begins at Noon at Market Square Park at W. 25th and Lorain Avenue, Cleveland. The march starts at 12:30 PM and ends at St. Paul’s Community Church on Franklin Blvd. for a longer rally and community meal.

The Senate passed a temporary unemployment extension bill yesterday, but the House of Representatives has threatened to either not take up the measure at all or attach controversial or unrelated amendments to it. 

“The House needs to act immediately to extend temporary unemployment benefits to millions of Americans, including more than 50,000 Ohioans who are having a difficult time in this economy to find work and who need a helping hand for themselves and their families to survive,” said Harriet Applegate of the No Cuts Coalition and the North Shore Federation of Labor. “Extending unemployment benefits is not only the right thing to do by helping millions of Americans while they search for work. It helps local economies and businesses as these benefits are spent right into local economies purchasing basic goods and services.” 

“Our coalition is not just a one issue or one event group,” said Greg Coleridge of the No Cuts Coalition and the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee. “We are also calling for raising the minimum wage and restoring food stamp cuts in Ohio as means to lift people out of poverty or near poverty. We also plan to continue to raise our public voices against proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other basic programs that meet basic needs of tens of millions of US residents. There are alternatives to calls for inhuman austerity measures -- ending tax cuts on the super wealthy, massive corporate and bank subsidies and cutting Pentagon waste.” 

For more information on the rally and march, call 216-881-7200. 

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