This month's calendar is full of ways to help work for change.  There are meetings and legislative press conferences, general assemblies and vigils.  At a recent Occupy meeting I listened to a young activist lending support to some work on the state legislature say "We have to do more than march around in the street.  The marching is good, but we have to talk to people who can make things better". 

It's true.  The marching is important.  And there are limits to what the existing political structure can do.  But if it can help stop racial profiling by the police and if it can keep people in their homes after foreclosure - let's try to make it happen.  So learn about your favorite issue (AFSC-SENE has a list of bills we would love your help on, on the website)  We will update this list weekly with information on hearings, press conferences and rallies.  You can watch the great video on racial profiling made by Youth in Action here.

Take Action: I know, calling Congress can feel like a pointless exercise, but it isn't.  On a good day, a flood of calls does make a difference,  On a bad day, they know we don't like what they are doing - and that matters.  Our silence can be read as agreement.  I don't want my grandchildren asking "Why didn't you try to fix it, Nana?"   We owe our kids and grandkids that.  And if it all feels pointless, get involved with the Occupy movement, which stands outside of most political activity and insists on deep system change. 

That said:  go to voice your thoughts about the attempts to make deep cuts in human needs spending while sparing the military spending (which at about 60% of the spending, should be the place to start).  Email your congressional people and/or write a letter to the editor.  The link helps you with wording if you want help.  

  Many thanks