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Logan Students Visit State Capitol

Logan Students Visit State Capitol

Published: April 12, 2012

The girls from the Appalachian Center for Equality's BAPs (Believing All is Possible) mentoring group visited the WV State Capitol in March 2012.  We met with community advocates working on domestic violence, mine safety, reproductive health, labor rights, and social work.  We also attended session in the House of Delegates where we were introduced from the floor by Delegate Greg Butcher (D-Logan).  Delegate Meshea Poore, a young African American lawyer, inspired the girls to have a dream and pursue that dream with passion.

Reflecting on their time at the Capitol, here is what the girls had to say:

“I learned that having passion can help you do anything.”

 “One thing I learned today is Meshea telling us to be ourselves.”

“What I’m going to do differently is take school really serious, look for the right college, and find what I’m good at.”

“Meshea Poore’s passion inspired me to be strong and powerful, a bright woman with a bright future.”

 “After today I plan to be more passionate for stuff.”

“Tomorrow I’m going to look up colleges for myself, and start pacing myself to do better.”

The BAPs girls are excited to use what they learned at the State Capitol to become better advocates for themselves and their community.