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Lockheed Martin responds to shifting federal budget priorities

Lockheed Martin responds to shifting federal budget priorities

Published: April 2, 2013
Box tops for military contractors
Photo: AFSC

April 2 - Editor's note: Please note that most of this story is an April Fools' Day joke. The Department of Education continues to get just 6 percent of the federal discretionary budget, while 60 percent continues to go to the military. Please read on to see how you can get involved in changing that.

Students, teachers, and parents are celebrating Congress' decision to increase funding for the Department of Education from 6 to 60 percent of the discretionary budget. Now, we can provide quality public education in every community and avert proposed school closings across the country.

Economists praised the decision to invest so robustly in education, saying that decades of privatization and disinvestment were wreaking havoc on communities and the economy.

Box tops for Lockheed

Meanwhile, in their struggle to keep the now grossly underfunded F-35 Joint Strike Fighter weapons system alive, Lockheed Martin is asking everyone to clip box tops coupons from participating products to earn cash toward future F-35 procurement. Lockheed is hoping that just by clipping coupons from everyday products, the U.S. public will help them reach the system’s $1.5 trillion total cost. Those box tops really add up!

Happy April Fools' Day!

But really…what is so foolish about that picture? Why shouldn't quality public education be fully funded while defense contractors clip coupons?

Currently, we spend 60 percent of our federal discretionary budget on the military, and only 6 percent on education—a situation that is untenable when the Pentagon had a surplus of $100 billion last year, and tight budgets for education are forcing a record number of school closings across the country. These decisions are real—and they are really foolish.

That is why the American Friends Service Committee and our national allies are calling for a day of action on Tax Day, which coincides with the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS).

Join communities all over the country who will stand up to tell Congress: Invest our tax dollars in people, not the Pentagon!  

Go to to see if there is an event in your area or sign up to host one. Download materials for your event here:

Thanks for joining us as we dream of a future when children have adequate resources to learn and the Pentagon has to scramble to raise money.

Invest in people, not the Pentagon

An action kit for anyone ready to work to ensure that vital social programs are preserved and that deep cuts to Pentagon spending are made.