Tuesday, February 5 marked the launch of a new campaign seeking college tuition equality for all North Carolina students. Let’s Learn NC is all about fairness, opportunity and equal access to education. The group advocates for the same college tuition for all North Carolina students, because higher education should be equally accessible to all state residents. Currently, undocumented students are charged out of state tuition--which is four times higher than in state tuition--even if they meet the same academic and residency requirements as other NC students (including a physical presence in NC for 12 continuous months).


The campaign is led by the Adelante Education Coalition, of which AFSC-NC is a member, and AFSC staff have been active in promoting the new intiative. AFSC staff Lori Fernald Khamala commented, "So often, we find ourselves fighting against anti-immigrant measures in the state legislature, and I'm sure this legislative session will be no different. But we realized that to ever move ahead, we need to start proactively promoting policies that are good for our students and our communities, not just fighting the bad stuff. I'm excited to be a part of such a positive, forward-thinking campaign, with undocumented students at the center."


AFSC-NC staff have been contributing their expertise in digital storytelling methods by helping to create videos of students and supporters sharing why they support the Let's Learn NC campaign. AFSC's Immigrant Solidarity Committee of Charlotte participated in an exercise in which they developed their own short messages about tuition equality; these are being turned into videos.  See a selection at www.youtube.com/NCadelante. 


Join Let’s Learn NC to become a part of this active movement for fairness for NC students and call for One State, One Rate! 


Learn more at the campaign's new and growing website www.letslearnnc.org.


How you can get involved:


·         Email Updates: Sign up for updates on the campaign at www.letslearnnc.org 


·         Photos: Take a photo of yourself with a Let’s Learn NC sign; use it as your facebook picture and submit it here: http://tinyurl.com/letslearnphoto 


·         Videos: Make a short video about why you support tuition equality, like the ones found here: www.youtube.com/ncAdelante 


·         Petition: Sign our Let’s Learn NC petition found online here http://letslearn.adelantenc.org/petition/ 


·         Social Media: Announce your support of Let's Learn NC on facebook and twitter, using the hash tag #letslearnNC


·         Campus letters: Get your campus officials to sign onto a letter supporting tuition equality


·         Contact your NC legislators: Urge them to support tuition equality http://www.ncleg.net/representation/WhoRepresentsMe.aspx