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Immigrant Freed From 19-Month Detention

Immigrant Freed From 19-Month Detention

Published: May 19, 2011


Many of you may remember hearing about the case of Pedro Guzman, wife of Emily, father of Logan (age 4), who was detained for more than 19 months even though he was eligible for immigration relief. Emily and her family bravely spoke out widely about her husband’s unfair detention (including to Immigrant Solidarity Committee meetings and an AFSC-organized forum on detention), and the case became known as an example of how broken the immigration system is.  Today, the family is finally reunited.  Many congratulations to Pedro, Emily and Logan!!! Read on below for more information.

 Updates from Emily’s blog: Join the facebook group here:

 From the Huffington Post:

 Immigrant Freed From 19-Month Detention: 'I Treat My Dogs Much Better Than The Detainees Are Treated'


First Posted: 05/18/11 07:09 PM ET Updated: 05/19/11 10:43 AM ET

On Tuesday, for the first time in 19 months, Pedro Guzman left Stewart Detention Center, a privately run facility where he was housed while fighting deportation. The Lumpkin, Ga., detention center is one of many run by Corrections Corporation of America, a prison giant that believes its next major market is immigrant detentions.

Georgia may be its next frontier. The state's anti-illegal immigration bill, styled after Arizona's SB 1070, was signed into law last week. The result could be more immigrants in detention -- and more profits for CCA, which has been accused of mistreating detainees and cutting down on amenities to improve profits.