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"Hawo's Dinner Party" - Round Two!

"Hawo's Dinner Party" - Round Two!

Published: October 18, 2011

People from diverse communities across Greensboro gather over a meal to discuss the film and learn about each other.

Photo: AFSC / Lori Fernald Khamala

Building Community: Take Two

Our recent community discussion and film screening of “Hawo’s Dinner Party” received so many RSVPs, and started so many rich conversations, that this past Tuesday, Oct 11, we hosted a repeat of the same event. Allowing those who had been waitlisted a first chance to grab a seat, and then expanding to invite ESOL students, and leaders within the religious community, the group was composed of families from different traditions.

With some tastefully assembled appetizers, everyone divided themselves among the tables, under orders to sit somewhere they could make new friends. After briefly discussing our first reactions to the film, we took a second look at the issue of immigration, through the lens of various faiths, and then again through the myths we always hear, and the facts we rarely face.

Finally, we examined our own experiences of a time when a total stranger became a close friend, and how such changes come to pass. These stranger-to-neighbor stories showed us that it takes just one moment for power dynamics to shift and to open the way towards mutual cooperation.

Thanks so much to our co-sponsors: FaithAction International House, Church World Service, Islamic Center of Greensboro and Zaytoon Restaurant.