On August 25, 2010, the final cucumber harvest took place in the 360 m2 greenhouse within the community garden MALA BAŠTA at tached to the CGA Resource Center. Mirsad Alađuz, Nazif Smajić and Šerif Puteša led the greenhouse production this year. It is a great satisfaction for the
greenhouse leaders and gardeners, and tremendous joy to the CGA, to have harvest of those proportions. According to agricultural experts, the cucumber harvest was extraordinary this year, and it exceeded all expectations.

At the very beginning of the season, gardeners faced a series of problems: lack of financial resources, bad weather conditions, frequent rain and cold during the spring and drought during the summer months. Nevertheless, it turned out that the unfavorable conditions encouraged even
more efforts on gardener’s part. Harvesting took place gradually, few times during the season, depending on cucumbers’ quality and growth, and the total yield at the end amounted to 2.2 metric ton! Fruits were healthy and delicious.

Gardeners donated 15% of the total greenhouse harvest of cucumbers to the home for Children Bjelave, Sarajevo, whose users are children without parental care. The donation was the initiative of the gardeners, and the CGA supported them unconditionally and facilitated transport of the products. More than once, during the season, Home for Children Bjelave was the destination of their donations, and total amount of cucumbers donated was 330 kg.

“Although we struggle every day to survive, we can still work and produce vegetables for ourselves and our families. With the donation, we want to give something back to the society. We want to share the fruits of our own work and efforts.”