Monday, April 15 -- 7 to 9 am and 3 to 6 pm

Join AFSC, United for Peace and Justice, BFay Area New Priorities Campaign, and other groups to distribute informational flyers at BART stations: Balboa Park, Glen Park, 24th Street Mission, 12th Street Oakland Center, 19th Street, MacArthur, Rockridge, Laafayette, Walnut Creeek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Fruitvale, North Berkeley, El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito Del Norte.

For info and flyers, contact Stephen McNeil at AFSC -- (415) 565-0201 ext 207 --  print copies from PDF below

-- OR -- email New Priorities Campaign, indicating which station and whether morning or evening, and providing your phone # and email address

While millions are jobless, uninsured, homeless, hungry, the US military budget exceeds that of the 14 next largest nations' combined.  Were the US military budget reduced by half, it would still exceed that of any other country.