The Harambee Coffee Roasters Co-op (HCRC) Board of Directors recently went on a study/tour of Stoney Creek Roasters to learn about coffee roasting  and marketing in Southwest Ohio. Stoney Creek is located in downtown Cedarville, Ohio and also sells ice cream.

"We were given a tour of the business by the owner," said Boikai Twe, an HCRC Board member, AFSC Midwest Executive Committee member, and founder of the Dayton Africana Elders Council. "We were impressed by the level of knowledge and experience involved in coffee roasting and creating a coffee shop like Stoney Creek. The owner is a second-generation coffee shop owner."

According to Migwe Kimemia, who directs AFSC's Economic Justice Program in Dayton, the main purpose of the tour was to expose the HCRC Board members to the real world of coffee roasting and marketing in Southwest Ohio.

"Since the tour, I have noticed that the Board has become more enthusiastic about the coffee project than ever before," Migwe said. "I think the Board saw real opportunities and possibilities after listening to the business owner’s journey of entrepreneurship and social responsibility."

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