A fashion show of traditional clothing, a talent show, Rwandan dancers, Burundian drummers, and a variety of children’s activities helped people in Dayton mark World Refugee Day on June 22, 2014.

According to Melissa Bertolo, the Welcome Dayton Coordinator, “The World Refugee Day is an internationally recognized day that honors the courage, strength, and resilience of refugees.” The Dayton City Commission’s Welcome Dayton Committee hosted the celebrations at Macintosh Park.

Migwe Kimemia of AFSC is a member of the Welcome Dayton Committee. "To me, the Burundian drummers were the show stopper as they skillfully played the drums with a passion for peace," Migwe said. "The sheer sound of the African drums attracted a lot of people from all walks of life to the public park. I think the drumming tradition can be an effective strategy for community and peace-building in Burundi and the Diaspora.

AFSC set up an information table at the event to educate the public and show solidarity with all refugee communities in Dayton.