June 2, 2014 Contact: Gabriela Flora

720.841.9608 gflora@afsc.org

Community Members, Faith Leaders and Formerly Detained Immigrants
Gather to Demand an End to Detention Bed Quotas

WHEN: MONDAY, June 2, 6:00PM

WHERE: GEO Detention Center
30th Avenue and Peoria Street
Aurora, CO 80010

WHAT and WHY: President Obama’s federal budget proposal includes funding for continuing the immigrant detention “bed quota”. The quota currently requires Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to have at least 34,000 immigrants in detention at any given time. Denying immigrants their liberty to meet a quota while lining the pockets of private prisons, like GEO, and other contractors is immoral. Our members of Congress have the power to end this “bed quota” by denying federal funding for the initiative in the FY15 Federal Budget.
We are joining together to thank Congressman Polis and Congresswoman DeGette for signing the Congressional letter calling for an end to the bed quota and to Polis for co-sponsoring the Accountability in Immigrant Detention Act of 2014. We will call on the rest of the Colorado delegation to follow their lead and oppose bed quota funding in any appropriations bill and like Polis, co-sponsor the Accountability in Immigrant Detention Act of 2014.

WHO: American Friends Service Committee and communities and allies from across Denver, Aurora, and Boulder are joining people across the country in demanding and end to bed quotas.

DIRECTIONS: The vigil will start at the Northwest corner of 30th Avenue and Peoria Street in Aurora. Take I-70 to Peoria, head South on Peoria to 30th Avenue (please note there will be construction at 33rd and Peoria). We will walk from Peoria and 30th Avenue west on 30th to pray and hear testimony in front of the detention center.

WEB SITE: http://www.afsc.org/denver/
The American Friends Service Committee has held monthly actions at the immigrant detention center drawing up to 240 people for more than 4 years. The group demands an end to detention and deportation and educates the community about the detention of immigrants.

http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org/EndTheQuota AFSC is a member of the Detention Watch Network. DWN is spearheading a campaign to end the bed mandate that folks from across the country are taking action on.