Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans alike know that the conflict in Palestine and Israel must end— and that the solution is not continued violence. Despite its calls for a non-military end to the conflict, the U.S. continues to fund the militarization of the conflict through the direct and indirect military assistance it provides to the Israeli military and the Palestinian Authority. Direct U.S. support for the militarization of the conflict in Palestine and Israel in the form of military aid is obvious, but it is important to note that even aid provided for ostensibly non-military purposes is often rechanneled toward programs that have some military aspect to them. To get the full picture of how the U.S. supports the militarization of the conflict, we therefore have to look at programs that are officially non-military in nature but that fund militarized actions, such as training police forces in paramilitary tactics or counterterrorism funding used against political dissidents. Such an analysis shows that much of the non-military aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority is in fact funding militarized programs.