The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), together with the Fundación Henry Dunant, is now accepting registrations for a certificate program that will be held May 25-Nov. 29, 2013, with distance-learning components and a face-to-face session in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The program’s objective is to bring a new human rights paradigm to policies addressing local violence in Central America.

The multidisciplinary program brings together concepts of human rights, urban conflict and violence, and citizen security to advocate for a peace-focused approach to local insecurity—an approach that restores and strengthens the social fabric, anticipating violence and promoting participative systems to face the roots of conflict.

The certificate program is intended for Guatemalan public government officials, especially those who work within the topic areas (human security, citizen security, human rights, and public policies, among others). Professionals and technical staff from other Latin American and Caribbean countries who work in these same areas within the public sector will also be able to participate.

Register or get more information on the course and schedule through the Fundación Henry Dunant América Latina.