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AFSC Staff Attend One Nation Working Together

AFSC Staff Attend One Nation Working Together

Published: October 5, 2010
Rhode Island residents holding a banner at the One Nation rally

See more pictures from the One Nation rally in our South East New England Office's flickr stream.

Photo: AFSC / Martha Yager

On October 2, 2010, AFSC staff, along with nearly two hundred thousand others, gathered on the National Mall at the One Nation Working Together rally and march. Peace and church groups, labor contingents, students, and immigrant rights groups joined to support and continue the struggle for change.

Our staff were energized by the many people who came to our information table, engaged in conversations about AFSC's work, and left more knowledgable about military spending and its relationship to the current financial crisis.  AFSC’s positions were reinforced when all but two of the speakers addressing the crowd spoke about the wars, military spending, and needs at home.

For many, the highlight of the rally was Harry Belafonte’s speech in which he expressed many of the concerns AFSC shares.  You can watch his “peace” speech on YouTube

The organizers of One Nation Working Together are working to continue the momentum this event created and channel it into more grassroots work to achieve our common goals.  AFSC's Martha Yager says, "Our job in follow up is to help those who went connect the dots, and build a strong movement that integrates multiple issues and shows their connections."  AFSC expects to be a part of connecting those dots, and we hope you will be also.

For more from our staff see Martha Yager's report on the AFSC-SENE blog, and Rick Wilson’s report on Goat Rope.