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AFSC Intern at Park University Ramps Up Peace Work on Campus

AFSC Intern at Park University Ramps Up Peace Work on Campus

Published: April 15, 2011
Park University peace work

AFSC's Eyes Wide Open and War Within Exhibits were displayed at Park University on March 4, 2011.

Photo: AFSC

[Matt Burton, the AFSC Campus Peace Intern at Park University, has been busy recruiting and organizing activities through the Peace Education Club at Park University, Parkville, Missouri. He shared the following report.]

The club currently has active members with fields of study such as Early Childhood Education, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Social Work to name a few. The club allows for each member to have open say to any of their ideas and to see them through.

The Peace Education Club has hosted several movie documentary nights. The movies are as varied as the members, but all having a central theme the group can build on to deepen each individuals understanding of their role in the peace movement. The club has shown movies about the deleterious aspects of capitalism and the current banking system, threats on environmental peace and justice, nonviolent resistant tactics and a night spent watching Dr. Kings speeches, to name a few.

The club also put on the Missouri Eyes Wide Open and War Within exhibits that were a big success. [The exhibit was seen by 300 to 400 students as well as high school tour groups and 20 members of an Association of the United States Army group meeting on the campus.] The Club also hosted discussion groups. One was on the uprising in the Middle East. And we are planning a day to screen print t-shirts with students and to host a structured conversation about forming a more unified nation and the role peace has within that in the very near future.