In 2013, the Material Assistance Program served just over 2,300 individuals and families. Our recipients include individuals facing homelessness, elderly individuals on a fixed income, the working poor, domestic violence survivors and their children, those who have recently been displaced due to foreclosure or eviction, young veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, families facing homelessness due to lack of affordable housing, refugees, unaccompanied homeless youth, individuals who are unemployed or underemployed, low-income individuals who have experienced emergency situations such as bed bugs or fires, previously incarcerated individuals and individuals and families moving into transitional or permanent housing. 

Although the majority of those we serve come from the Greater Cambridge and Boston Area, we regularly aid recipients from both the South and North Shore and the Metro West. MAP provides continued support to individuals regardless of the duration of their need; several recipients, such as individuals with chronic illness on a fixed income, have utilized MAP’s services for years. 

Individuals and families are referred to MAP from over 80 human service agencies from across the state. We work in collaboration with area agencies providing critically needed items that complement and support their efforts through the distribution of bulk donations.