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Dialogue at Muslims in America event

Dialogue at Muslims in America event

Dialogue at Muslims in America event

Ralph Medley

Quaker meetings and churches can help AFSC by doing some specific things to support our peace and justice work. This year we are inviting you to help with our work to create more religiously hospitable communities by engaging with a film resource, "Hawo's Dinner Party: The New Face of Southern Hospitality."

"Hawo's Dinner Party" is a video module designed to support dialogue, bridge-building, and cultural exchange in communities that receive immigrants and refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

Directed and produced by Kim A. Snyder and executive produced by BeCause Foundation in association with Active Voice, the module follows the trajectory of Hawo Siyad, a refugee and former nurse from Somalia, who has come to work at the nearby Tyson Foods chicken processing plant. Dressed in colorful hijab even on the assembly line, Hawo is determined to learn English and to connect with her neighbors. But as news of "home grown terrorism" appears in the national media and as Hawo tries to reach out, we get an intimate glimpse into the honest—and often uncomfortable—encounters that emerge.

You can learn more about "Hawo's Dinner Party" and the Shelbyville Multimedia Project at Active Voice would really like to know if you have offered an event; you can send that information to Lucy Duncan at lduncan (at) and we will pass it along.

You can watch the full 31 minute video module here.

AFSC is asking that meetings or churches use the film resource in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Watch the film as a meeting or church and discuss it using the Recipe and Discussion Guide.
  2. Reach out to a local mosque or Islamic center and invite them to co-host an event with you focused on the film and dialogue afterwards. That event could involve desserts or dinner or be a simple film screening. 

Meetings or churches associated with the AFSC can receive the video and supplemental resources for a reduced rate by going to this link (please note this is the only way to get the reduced rate and if you try to get it through the regular webpage, you will be charged the regular price).

Listen to Lucy Duncan on what meetings and churches can do to combat Islamophobia (2:14)

The resources below include the full Event Planning Toolkit and Facilitation Guide developed by Active Voice, as well as resources from local offices within AFSC who have successfully conducted events, sometimes in partnership with Quaker meetings or churches. The Interfaith Dialogue Discussion Questions were adapted from the Recipe and Discussion Guide. The Texts on the Shared Value of Welcoming the Stranger were prepared by FaithAction International.

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