Testimonies against prison privatization in Arizona

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Corporations and Prisons

prisoner behind a barcode jail
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Lance Page/t r u t h o u t

In the wake of the escapes of three prisoners from a privately-operated prison in August of 2010 and the murder of a New Mexico couple by one escapee and an accomplice, Arizona legislators called for hearings to investigate what went wrong. But no legislative hearings were ever held.  In response, through public hearings and exhaustive research, AFSC has done the “due diligence” on prison privatization that the state legislature has refused to do. 

The evidence is clear:  Private, for-profit prisons are more expensive, less safe, and less accountable to taxpayers. In spite of the obvious failure of prison privatization in Arizona, state leaders are poised to award multi-million dollar contracts for 5,000 new private prison beds. AFSC calls on the Arizona Legislature and Governor Jan Brewer to immediately halt this irresponsible course of action.

Below you will find an index of testimonies regarding the prison privatization.

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