Director Joseph Gerson plays a leading role in building collaborations between U.S., Asian and European peace and nuclear weapons abolition movements. He is widely published, and is an engaging public speaker and resource for the media.  He serves as co-convener of the international planning committee for 2015 NGO Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference activities, is on the board of the International Peace Bureau, is on the steering committees of the Middle Powers Initiative and the No to NATO/No to War Network, and is on the global council of Abolition 2000. He works closely with Gensuikyo (Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs) and other Asian and Pacific peace organizations.

Program Associate Paul Shannon led the successful Budget for All referendum campaign in 2012, and initiated and organizes the Majority Agenda Project, which is building unity among the peace, social, environmental and economic justice environmental movements. He also works closely with United for Justice and Peace, a Boston-area coalition co-founded by the PES program on September 11, 2001.