Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament


New START Treaty Resources and Links

New START Treaty Fact Sheet - Union of Concerned Scientists
11 Reasons to Support the New START Treaty - Arms Control Association
The New START Fact Sheet - Friends Committee on National Legislation
 A GOP Legacy at Risk - John Rhinelander, Boston Globe
Verification of New START - Union of Concerned Scientists
The Hill - New START: It's not the numbers that countNew START Fact Sheet by AFSC

Incidents of Nuclear Blackmail

Partial Listing of Incidents of Nuclear Blackmail            

1946                Truman threatens Soviets regarding Northern Iran.

1946                Truman sends SAC bombers sent to intimidate Yugoslavia following downing of U.S. aircraft over Yugoslavia.

Letter to Obama for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

June 6, 2013:  Representatives from a range of national organizations write to President Obama urging him to take steps to show support for the Nuclear Disaramamnet process. 


New Study Finds: 'Nuclear Famine: Two Billion People at Risk?'

November, 2013: A new study from the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War shows that a limited nuclear war (such as the India-Pakistan or Korean crises, or the current U.S.-Chinese-Japanese Senkaku-Diaoyu crisis) would not only directly kill millions of people in the region, but would also cause a deadly famine, killing two billion people across the globe.

Civil society statement to the UN high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament - Delivered by Joseph Gerson

26 September 2013, New York

Delivered by Joseph Gerson of the American Friends Service Committee on behalf of civil society

For Abolition, Peace and Security: Confronting Nuclear Powers & East Asian Crises

27/Feb/13 - Joseph Gerson speaks at the Bikini Day International Conference on the rising militarism in the region, and on the US position in relation to the near-universal agreement about the need and possibility of eliminating nuclear weapons.  Click here to read online.

Nuclear War or Real Security? Joseph Gerson

August 4, 2011: In the midst of the US governments debt deal, the US commits an additional $185 billion to expand the US nuclear program. While vital social services, education development, and social security are being cut the US is attempting to develop a nuclear weapon that a US president would be most likely to use. 

Toward a Nuclear Free Future: making sense of nuclear weapons in 2010

Overview of opportunities for nuclear disarmament and abolotion in 2010

Cost of Nuclear Weapons

Developed in collaboartion with the National Priorities Project, this handout represents facts and figures about the status of nuclear weapons around the world in 2010.

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