A New Path


A New Path lays out AFSC's seven principles for a new path toward a humane immigration policy. Learn more about our current work


Develop humane economic policies to reduce forced migration

International economic policies, including trade agreements, need to be consistent with human rights, trade justice, and sustainable approaches to the environment and economic development in order to prevent labor displacement and its consequences such as forced economic migration.

Protect the labor rights of all workers

All workers are entitled to humane policies that protect their labor and employment rights.

Develop a clear path to citizenship

Inclusive measures must be enacted that lead to permanent residence and citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Respect the civil and human rights of immigrants

Immigrants, regardless of status, deserve the same civil and human rights as all U.S. residents.

Demilitarize the U.S.-Mexico border

End costly, ineffective, and inhumane policies that have heavily militarized the U.S.-Mexico border region and undermined the quality of life of border communities.

Make family reunification a top priority

Recognize the distinctly important and valuable role of family ties by supporting the reunification of immigrant families in a way that equally respects both heterosexual and same-sex relationships.

Ensure that immigrants and refugees have access to services

Our values should not be contingent on immigration status. Public programs and services to address needs like public health or to fulfill our societal sense of fairness and compassion should never be dependent on a person's race, ethnicity, or place of birth.

What would fair, humane reform look like? (downloadable PDF)

Download a PDF of our popular handout, "What would fair, humane immigration reform look like?"

If you would like to order printed copies of this brochure, please email afscinfo@afsc.org.

¿Cómo sería una reforma de inmigración justa y humana?

Nuestro sistema de inmigración necesita ser arreglado. ¿Pero qué se necesitará para que funcione? El Comité de Servicio de los Amigos ofrece siete principios para un sistema migratorio justo y humano. 

Estos principios provienen de nueve décadas de trabajo con comunidades de inmigrantes. Las voces de estos inmigrantes deben ser escuchadas en tanto trabajamos por una reforma migratoria que proteja los derechos humanos de toda la gente.

A New Path (full version)

Our immigration system needs repair. But what will it take to make it work? the american Friends Service committee offers seven principles for a fair and humane immigration system.

Un Nuevo Camino

Los Siete Principios Centrales

Para un nuevo camino hacia una política migratoria humanitaria

Hacer justicia por medio de una política económica humanitaria

Las políticas económicas internacionales, incluyendo a los acuerdos de comercio deben de respetar los derechos humanos, promover el comercio con justicia e impulsar el desarrollo económico sustentable que respete el medio ambiente

A New Path (short version)

This four-page handout gives a condensed version of AFSC's A New Path.

It's also available in Spanish.

Un Nuevo Camino

This four-page handout gives a condensed version of AFSC's A New Path.

It's also available in English.

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