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New Hampshire Economic Justice Program Background

New Hampshire Economic Justice Program Background

Economic Justice

Every day, people in New Hampshire are affected by economic forces beyond their immediate control and often far beyond the state's borders.  But while the causes of the 2008 financial collapse, the behavior of trans-national manufacturers, and the steady rise in the cost of housing may seem beyond local capacity to affect, the AFSC NH Program knows that the concerted actions of informed individuals can make a difference. 

Since the late 1980s, the AFSC's New Hampshire Program has conducted education and action campaigns so that local residents have a better understanding of economic change and how they can make their voices heard.  Our purpose is to educate and advocate for change on a range of issues, from affordable housing to global trade.  We hope you’ll get involved!

The NH Housing Crisis

Everyone deserves a safe, decent and affordable home, but so many people in our state don’t have one!  By working for innovative and effective policy solutions, increased state and federal investment in affordable housing, adequate assistance for those who are homelessness, higher wages at the low end of the job market, and expanded access to rental assistance, we can end the housing crisis. 

Working in Coalition

AFSC is founding member of Housing Action New Hampshire, a coalition of organizations and individuals working to increase the availability of affordable housing.  Housing Action NH is gearing up for some important work related to several bills in the state legislature in 2010 and we hope you’ll join us!
 Click here for the Housing Action NH membership form.  AFSC is also part of the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness, which supports the Concord Homeless Resource Center.  AFSC is a member of the Granite State Organizing Project and works with GSOP to improve conditions of rental housing in New Hampshire cities.  Contact Maggie Fogarty at AFSC for more details. Email: 


Housing Action New Hampshire sponsors and members include: Families in Transition, local Housing Authorities, the NH Community Loan Fund, NH Legal Assistance, low-income housing investors, Continuum of Care providers, non-profit developers and the American Friends Service Committee.

On the Side of Workers

AFSC also works with social justice advocacy groups in support of the rights of all workers, including undocumented immigrants, to safe workplaces, decent wages, and respect for the right to organize.