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Louisiana Military Recruitment

Louisiana Military Recruitment

New Orleans Peacebuilding Program background  

Peace Building & Conflict Resolution

The Peace Building & Conflict Resolution Project is focused on developing youth leadership skills and preparing area youth to be agents of change in all areas of violence. We recognize that our youth are our most powerful asset. We work to educate them about alternative career choices to the military, human rights issues, the power of the arts, conflict management resources and community organizing methods. Every young person must be equipped with the tools to make informed decisions about their lives. Investing these skills in our young people will increase the betterment of our communities and decrease the impact of violence.

Facts about Louisiana Military Recruitment

  • As of 2008, there are 922 total Active-Duty Army Recruits in Louisiana, according to the National Priorities Database.
  • From 2006- 2008 respectively, the percentage of black Army Active-Duty Recruits from Louisiana has risen from 30.84%, to 32.05%, to 34.92%.
  • Now, Congress has allocated an additional $136.8 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the 2010 fiscal year. We should know how much of this money is spent on recruiting children into the military.

For more information about the cost of war in Louisiana please visit

How are children recruited?

Children are the constant target audience for military advertisements, military programs at schools, and frequent visits by military recruiters. We know that recruiters have various methods to get your personal contact information from schools. This does not have to be the case. There’s always the choice to “Opt-Out.” Click here for more information and to download the Opt-Out form.

There is more than one way to serve your Country.

Young people around the U.S. are taking charge of their future and finding out that there are tons of careers that offer them the chance to be a hero in their communities. Read more about the power of alternative career fairs:

New Orleans Project Counter Recruitment Initiative

In New Orleans, our children are being pushed out of school and put into the prison system. We call this transition the “school to prison pipeline.” Schools want to use the JROTC and other military recruitment techniques as a means to enforce discipline. We believe that counter recruitment to military enlistment needs to be an option.

 Click here for more information about the school to prison pipeline in New Orleans.

 The New Orleans Peace & Economic Justice Project will be facilitating counter recruitment training at high schools and community centers in the 7th and 9th Ward neighborhoods. The topics will cover a wide range of military recruitment education for youth. Each workshop will be a 1 hour interactive experience. Some of the topics are listed below.

  1. So you think you want to join the military: Truths and Myths about joining the military.
  2. Do you know enough to enlist? : The Veterans perspective.
  3. The poverty draft: What minorities need to know?
  4. Surviving the next few years: Making Transitions.