Housing For All/Just Cause Eviction

There are a cluster of bills related to housing. 

Just Cause eviction, H 5103, sponsored by Rep. Edwards, would make it possible for tenants who have been paying their rent to a landlord who enters foreclosure to stay in that housing at least until the property is sold by the bank.  Some of the families that DARE has worked with who faced eviction had been paying their rent and had no idea that the building was under foreclosure procedings until they got an eviction notice.  For some it was not the first time that they were losing their housing through no fault of their own.   Because the often lose their security deposit as well (again, that shouldn't happen as they are not at fault) getting a new apartment is a financial challenge and families are at risk of homelessness.

H 5332 sponsored by Rep. Almeida, prohibiting a foreclosing owner from evicting a tenant at sufferance except for just cause or a purchase and sale agreement for the foreclosed property has been executed.

H 5335, sponsored by Rep. Gallison, requiring mortgagee/lender to participate in good faith in a conciliation process prior to initiating foreclosure proceedings.

Housing First (bills H5554 and S494) would fund a voucher program to help end homelessness.  We know what solves homelessness - it is very simple.  Housing. 


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