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Digital storytelling in Charlotte

Digital storytelling in Charlotte

Charlotte ISC members volunteered during two Digital Storytelling projects with immigrants and refugees in Charlotte. 


Video screenshot of man and woman standing in front of brick wall
Storyology 2012: Final

A story of treacherous journeys across the sea and prison escapes mingled with personal stories of a marriage broken by abuse, a student’s journey from a refugee camp to a Charlotte school, and an account of how a family got its start in the United States. Each story is different, but each paints a picture of the external and internal struggles faced by immigrants in North Carolina today.

video screenshot of youth in classroom
Storyology! October 2010, Charlotte NC

Through Storyology: Digital Storytelling by Immigrants and Refugees, AFSC empowered immigrants and refugees by imparting new digital literacy skills, lifted up immigrant stories to share with and educate the public, and also built a community of many cultures within the class.  

Pal youth

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