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Counter recruitment

Counter recruitment

Cover for the It Is Time To Teach Peace flyer

In our counter-recruitment work, the Peace Education program aims to limit the influence of military recruiters on middle and high school kids, to help these kids make well reflected career choices, and to provide information on jobs in peacemaking and non-violent ways to financing college. A particular emphasis is placed on bringing awareness of possible dangers of joining the military and false promises made by recruiters.

Watch a video of AFSC Los Angeles shutting down a recruitment station in East Los Angeles with students from nearby Roosevelt High School.

We work together with youth and parents as well as teachers from Los Angeles Unified School District who are organizing to demilitarize the schools. A close partner is the Los Angeles-based Coalition Against Militarism Of Our Schools (

For information beyond what is listed here, please visit AFSC's website on Youth & Militarism.

Counter Recruitment Resources

Great Careers - Alternatives to the Military Booklet
(4th Edition)

Twenty pages filled with many local and national career opportunities: peaceful jobs and careers that offer what the military promises without giving up your rights and supporting the war machine.

The booklet also includes career planning, personal growth, youth leadership, and independent living. It will be updated constantly.

Produced through a collaboration of AFSC Los Angeles with Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools (CAMS).

Print the booklet yourself from the PDF file below, or order copies from AFSC Los Angeles at (213) 489-1900 or

Frequently Used Counter-Recruitment Resources:

Questionnaires for students and school staff interested in planning counter-recruitment activities:

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