Community Social Advocacy

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Community Social Advocacy

Community Social Advocates rally against negative immigration reform.

June 2006, Community Social Advocates rally against negative immigration reform.

The Community Social Advocacy Program specifically targets Haitian and Latino communities but provides services to all who participate. The Program aims to broaden the base of immigrants' knowledge about their rights, collaborate with community leaders and organizations to promote the immigrant community's needs and rights, provide a public voice with regard to immigration reform, as well as provide necessary legal information and services.

The Community Social Advocates provide a variety of presentations and training for the community on topics including:

  • Current immigration issues and laws
  • Alternatives to youth recruitment
  • Immigrant rights
  • Peace and prevention of conflicts
  • Anti-immigrant ordinances and laws
  • Recent causes of migration and the creation of immigrants and refugees
  • Free trade agreements
  • Human rights violations and abuses
  • The current state of Haiti and other countries in Central/Latin America, etc.

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