Children In War Conference (Enfances en guerre)

Materials used in presentation for Children In War Conference, December 7-9, UNESCO - Paris, France

Biographies Of Refugee Spanish Children

Biographies of Spanish refugee children from the La Rouviere children's colony located in the suburbs of Marseille, France - 1941.





Exhibit of Children's Art Work 1938-1942

Materials related to the exhibiting of children's art work from the Spanish Civil War (and later WWII) for the purposes of raising US public awareness and funding for the continuation of AFSC work with children in Europe and Asia.

1921 German Children's Artwork - Augsburg Book

Pages from one of the 17 volumes of letters and drawings done by the children of Augsburg, Germany and presented to AFSC as a thankyou for the Quaker feeding program or Quakerspeisung.   Date: 1921

1941 Children's Colony Report

1941 report from Gertrude Kershner on the status of the children's colonies in France.

1942 Letters to Quakers from School Children - Southern France

1942 letters from French school children, their parents and/or guardians thanking the Quakers for there assistance. Also included is a booklet detailing some of the work done by the Quakers in France for the years 1941-1942.

1942 Chinese Children's Art Work

Drawings obtained from various schools around Chengdu, (Sichuan) China by AFSC, 1941-1942.

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