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Chicago Peacebuilding Program - Past Events

Chicago Peacebuilding Program - Past Events

Chicago Tax Day Protest

Organize The Hope

You are the missing link!

The Organize the Hope College Fellowship program and orientation training was held in Chicago on September 11-13th.  We had an amazing group of fellows at the training, a very diverse group that hailed from New Hampshire, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.  The students have hit the ground running and are already producing events on campus, using AFSC materials and resources and being mentored by AFSC staff.

Tax Day Protest 2009

Do you know where your money goes?

Despite a much-needed increase in funding for human needs in the FY 2010 budget, military spending still eats up 57% of the total.

The United States already accounts for about half of the world's total military spending. We must continue to protest the disproportionate amount of money our country spends each year on defense!

Eyes Wide Open Exhibit

August 30, 2006 - Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

First stop on the IL tour of Eyes Wide Open this fall.

Eyes Wide Open IL was on display in the heart of Carbondale for two days and accompanied by a Peace vigil on Saturday.

September 5, 2006 - University of Illinois Quad, Urbana, IL

Between August and December of 2006 the Eyes Wide Open - The Cost of War to Illinois exhibit was on display more than a dozen times. Eyes Wide Open Illinois, the American Friends Service Committee’s widely-acclaimed exhibition on the human cost of the Iraq War to the state of Illinois, features 100+ pairs of combat representing IL soldiers who have fallen in the Iraq War, and a visual representation of the Iraqi civilian casualties.

Denver Colorado

The entire Eyes Wide Open exhibition was on display October, 9, 10 and 11 2006. Even though it was raining, volunteers came as far as 60 miles came to help set up the exhibition.

The Iraqi Memorial is the new addition to the Eyes Wide Open exhibition. The out side of the shows life before the invasion, the inside shows the suffering and fats of the daily life in Iraq.