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Chicago Apprenticeship Program

Chicago Apprenticeship Program


Young people (ages 18-30) interested in organizing for peace and social justice with a non-profit organization in Chicago that has a history of over 90 years working on the issues.


AFSC Apprenticeship Program, a four-month part-time program featuring skill building and hands-on experience in organizing in Chicago on global and local issues.  Participants will be expected to intern at AFSC 2 days a week (14 hours) and attend a skills training session each Wednesday from 10am-4pm.  Internships are available in programs focusing on Peacebuilding, Middle East Education and Advocacy, Youth and Militarism, and Immigrant and Refugee Rights Work in Chicago. A monthly stipend for transportation will be offered to all accepted Apprentices.


Positions are currently filled for the Fall. The Winter Term is February 14, 2011- May 13, 2011. Application Deadline is February 1, 2011.


American Friends Service Committee, 637 S Dearborn, Suite 3, Chicago, IL.


To apply, send your cover letter, resume, and a 500-750 word essay answering the question, "What is your role in peace and justice?" to Erin Polley at For more information, you many reach AFSC at 312-427-2533.

Reflections by Former AFSC Apprentices

"Being an AFSC apprentice has opened up ideas, hope and inspiration for me. I've come to a deeper level of understanding and inspiration on peace and justice work through the various people I've met along the way, their stories and their commitment to their work. I've also become better aware of the practical realities of nonprofit, organizing work through the hands-on experience and from the AFSC staff, who have shared their advice and own experiences. The Apprentice program has been a very worthwhile and good learning experience for me. I will now be carrying with me the skills, inspiration and lessons learned in this program where ever I head next in life and eventually to my own homeland."

"Deciding to apply for the AFSC internship position was easy because there were a number of obvious benefits: exposure to how a large nonprofit operates, experience with seasoned activists in larger scale social justice efforts and camaraderie with likeminded people. My expectations were exceeded in every one of these, but it was the unintended consequences of the Apprenticeship that have been the greatest gifts that I can walk away with. I have discovered and developed skills I never thought I had and embraced a work ethic my college professors would refuse to believe. I am so grateful to the nurturing and empowering environment the staff at AFSC provided me."

"The AFSC Apprentice program has provided me with the opportunity to meet the amazing people that do the work every day that I strive to do. Through my experiences with them, my faith in humanity and the good in people has been legitimately restored. My time with the AFSC has been enjoyable, compassionate, informative, and life changing. I now feel more equipped to tackle the nonprofit world and am much more knowledgeable of the key human rights issues that I am interested in affecting."

"… AFSC and the Apprenticeship Program, along with my fellow Apprentices, all have taught me the importance of continuing the cycles that perpetuate life and peace versus those that create war and racism."