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AFSC Calls for a Just Minimum Wage

AFSC Calls for a Just Minimum Wage

AFSC’s Martha Yager with Rep. Margie Smith.

AFSC’s Martha Yager (right) with Rep. Margie Smith(left), who was the prime sponsor of a bill which raised New Hampshire’s minimum wage. AFSC’s New Hampshire office helped mobilize community groups to win that victory—and help win a higher federal minimum wage.

Keep the momentum going

AFSC played an important role in raising the federal minimum wage from $5.15 an hour, where it had been stuck for a decade, to $7.25 an hour, where it is now. The increase has benefitted about 13 million workers and their families, many of them women, African American, and/or Latino. Our work is not done. AFSC and our partners in the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign  are asking Congress to take the next step and raise the wage to $10 an hour. AFSC and Let Justice Roll are also helping campaigns to raise state minimum wages in several states. Workers need a living wage to help lift their families out of poverty and boost the economy.

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