Peace & Economic Security Program

AFSC's Peace and Economic Security Program (PES) addresses a range of peace and security issues and works with a broad array of partners.

The program serves as the anchor for AFSC's nuclear disarmament education and organizing. It focuses on:

  • Halting and preventing U.S. wars
  • Urging alternatives to the United States’ shifting its military focus toward Asia and the Pacific
  • Moving military spending to support economic justice initiatives
  • Abolishing nuclear weapons and dismantling nuclear stockpiles
  • Retiring NATO, not repurposing it for global military excursions 

PES staff serve as coalition- and network-builders and as resources and speakers for local national and international initiatives.

Director Joseph Gerson plays a leading role in building collaborations between U.S., Asian, and European peace and nuclear weapons abolition movements. He is widely published and in recent years served as co-convener of the NPT Review 2010 International Planning Committee for Nuclear Abolition, Peace and Justice and of Network for a NATO-Free Future. He works closely with Gensuikyo (Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs) and other Asian and Pacific peace organizations. He also serves on the European-American No to War-No to NATO Network International Coordinating Committee.

Program Associate Paul Shannon is leading the Budget for All referendum campaign, initiated and organizes the Majority Agenda Project, and works closely with United for Justice and Peace, a Boston-area coalition co-founded by the PES program on Sept. 11, 2001.

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