Iowa Immigrant Voice Program

Papers speaker in Des Moines 7-14-10

This young woman shared about the challenges of living wit

This young woman shared about the challenges of living without papers--including limited access to education, jobs and a driver's license--at a recent documentary film showing co-sponsored by IVP in Des Moines.

Jon Krieg

Directed by Sandra Sanchez, AFSC’s Iowa Immigrant Voice Program (IVP) works with immigrants in Central Iowa to help build a sense of community so that new immigrants will be able to participate in the political processes in their communities. In collaboration with immigrant and immigrant-ally organizations, AFSC is educating and organizing for comprehensive immigration reform.

IVP’s Legal Services Program helps over 1000 immigrants and refugees from over 50 countries each year. The program is directed by Jody Mashek, who is accredited through the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

Take Action

  • Please contact your state legislators in Iowa to support SF2270, which establishes a refugee family support services pilot program Refugee Family Support Project is a...
  • From Sandra Sanchez, AFSC IVP Program Director: Thanks to Brian Carter (United Methodist Church) for sending this alert to members of the Network for Immigration Reform Now....
  • Individuals: Light one blue candle and place in your front window on Monday, Dec. 16 as a way to embrace and share the messages of the season, including those of Mary and...

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